WAFF Journals

$ 20.00

Spend hours of fun with a Lego-like silicone cover journal, customizable with alphabet letter cubes. Write your name, create art, and simply have fun!

-Perfect gift for kids-

  • Enhance spelling skills
  • Design amazing pixelated art
  • Create fun math problems for kids
  • Use in daycares and kindergarten activities
  • Take notes for school
  • Use as a bullet journal

Category Description for Waff Journals & Cubes:

These unbelievably innovative journals are perfect for jump-starting creativity! Each colorful, 200-page journal has a silicon front and back cover filled with dozens of raised "squares" akin to a waffle-maker. Specially designed silicon cubes fit over these squares, allowing owners to personalize their journals with a variety of fun shapes, colors, and letters. Change up your journal cover design daily if you like. Proudly display the owner's name, a message, cool designs, and much more!  Medium journals measure 5.75" x 4" and have 54 squares on each cover.

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