About Us

At K.C. Bonker's®, we are serious about play.  No, seriously.  We deeply respect the function of play as a part of everyday life, which is not only integral to the development of a child but also key to nurturing lifelong curiosity and creative growth.  We work hard to play every day and hope you will play along.



The mysterious K.C. Bonker is known to have travelled through space and time in his flying machine, curating a one-of-a-kind selection of toys, games, and novelties from today and yesteryear. His whimsical toy store, at the edge of the Keweenaw in Hancock, MI, also offers gourmet coffee services including espresso drinks, magic potions (a/k/a Bonker Bubblers), candy, snacks, and an atmosphere brimming with imagination and discovery. 


Bonker Bubbler Potions



As a go-to morning coffee stop, a board game cafe, and a family destination point, K.C. Bonker's® specializes in injecting a little magic into the daily grind.



K.C. Bonker's® Toys & Coffee

119 Quincy Street

Hancock, MI  49930