Juggling What it is and How to do it! by Thom Wall

$ 20.00

"Juggling: What It Is and How to Do It" is the result of six years of work by former Cirque du Soleil juggler Thom Wall. This book teaches learners of all ages how to juggle – one of the world’s oldest artforms. With a kind demeanor, humor, and enthusiasm, Wall explains the process of juggling through four different modalities, bolstered by the latest physical education research.The practice of juggling has been proven time and time again to benefit the body and mind: it reduces stress, increases the brain plasticity and density, and is an age-old form of active meditation."Juggling: What It Is and How to Do It" is a timely and accessible primer that even a middle-schooler can hit the ground running with, or one that families can enjoy together. But make no mistake, this book isn’t child’s play. With guest chapters by some of today’s modern juggling masters, "Juggling" provides a wealth of content to span years of study for even the most serious adult learner.

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