Forest Shuffle expansion: Alpine

Forest Shuffle expansion: Alpine

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In the mixed mountain forest of the Alps, all the way up the tree line, you can find numerous animals, plants, and mushrooms. While they share a habitat, they each have their own set of diverse needs. 

Forest Shuffle: Alpine is the highly anticipated expansion to the acclaimed card drafting game. These new cards expand the existing set collection options as well as introduce new ones, adding more depth and strategy to the game.
Forest Shuffle: Alpine adds 36 new cards all with new stunning illustrations. 

  • EXPAND YOUR FOREST SHUFFLE EXPERIENCE: Introduce 36 new multifunctional cards to your Forest Shuffle game, adding incredible diversity and fresh strategies to explore.
  • DISCOVER THE ALPS: Venture into the Alpine region with this expansion, bringing new species and two additional tree types to enrich your gameplay.
  • ADDITIONAL TACTICAL DEPTH: Some cards introduce exciting twists to the base game's rules, offering more strategic options and challenges to your forest-building endeavors.
  • PERFECT FOR STRATEGY LOVERS: Designed by Kosch, this expansion enhances the tactical aspects of Forest Shuffle, making it even more engaging for players seeking a thoughtful and strategic card game.
  • SEAMLESS INTEGRATION WITH BASE GAME: Easily shuffle the new cards into your existing Forest Shuffle game for an even more varied and immersive gaming experience.


  • 36 Cards
  • Instructions

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