Medium Chimpanzee Puppet

$ 40.00

  • Explore the world of primates with the incredible Medium Chimp puppet. With its expressive features, lifelike fur and skilful design, lthis puppet captures the gentle nature and charm of the beloved Chimpanzee. Easy to use and highly functional, these have the real wow factor.
  • Access in bottom of puppet, complete with great mouth movement, velcro on the hands so that he can hang around your neck and he even comes with his own banana!
  • Modelled and designed for maximum impact, it is made with beautiful fabric making it both striking and adorable.
  • Can be used by both adults and children, these are loved by young and old alike.
  • Height: 60cm x Width: 34cm x Depth: 16cm

"It's odd that you have to learn to control a puppet." -K.C. Bonker

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