The Toothless Monster


$ 40.00

The Toothless Monster™ is a wild, new Tooth Fairy friend that gains a tooth each time a child loses one. Each boxed set includes a cuddly plush monster; a fully illustrated, 8.5" hardcover book; and a set of 16 plastic teeth that the Tooth Fairy's assistant (an adult) should keep hidden in a safe place until ready for use. Wiggle those loose teeth out, and join The Toothless Monster for a more magical, meaningful, Tooth Fairy experience.

The Book

The richly illustrated hardcover books follow the story of Monte or Meli, The Toothless Monster, as they meets the Tooth Fairy and earn this teeth. It's a story about being different; about helping others; and a little bit about partying, of course! Plus a monster-shaped tooth loss chart to record each date that your child loses a tooth. 

The Monster

 The snuggle size Toothless Monster plush toy comes in your choice of blue or purple. A beanbag base helps the monster sit upright next to your child's bed. Also, a secret tooth pouch is located under the monster's tongue to safely hold your child's real tooth until the Tooth Fairy comes to deliver it to its thankful new owner - Monte or Meli.

The Magical Teeth

 The Toothless Monster comes with a set of attachable teeth that the Tooth Fairy's assistant (an adult), keeps hidden in a safe place. While helping the Tooth Fairy with her usual duties, you'll secure one of the provided teeth in the monster's mouth - it takes only seconds to do. Your child will be thrilled to wake and find that their monster really gained a new tooth . . . and their Tooth Fairy gifts, of course.


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