Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set

Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set


$ 25.00

Embark on an exciting Dungeons & Dragons adventure, hunt for the Thessalhydra, and have hours of fun with the adventure book "created" by the character Mike Wheeler. Get all the essential rules you need to start playing from the D&D fifth edition Starter Set rulebook with a new colorful Stranger Things theme. Battle your way through the D&D universe & the Upside Down as one of the characters played by the Stranger Things gang. Five ready-to-play character sheets are included. The starter set also includes 6 polyhedral dice and 2 Stranger Things Demogorgon figures, including one to paint and customize. Special "red box" design: a unique replica of the famous 1983 D&D "red box" as seen being played on screen by the Stranger Things characters.

Includes Stranger Things Adventure book, Rulebook, 5 Stranger Things character sheets, 6 dice, Demogorgon figure, and Paintable Demogorgon figure.

Ages 14 and up

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