$ 30.00

Quoridor is a delightful strategy game for 2, 3 or 4 players that takes less than 10 minutes to play. On each turn you need to decide whether to move your pawn ahead one space or foil your opponent's progress by a carefully placed fence.  Your goal is to be first to move your pawn across the board. Other players will seek to place obstacles in your path. This forces additional moves to navigate around the fences. You also can place blocking fences to foil your opponent's forward progress.

This Classic Version of Quoridor game board measures 10.4 inches square. Complete instructions in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, and German.

Quoridor is one of several wood strategy games (including Quarto, Pylos, Quads, Katamino, Inside, Quixo) by French Game Manufacturer GIGAMIC.

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