Kaleidoscope Making Kit


$ 11.00

This is a super fun science kit by 4M Kidz Labs! Make different kinds of kaleidoscopes and create millions of dazzling patterns by filling in different trinkets into the object chamber. The object chamber is specially designed with a removable cover so you can easily add the included trinkets, or your own. Make a color changing kaleidoscope, or a mystic glow kaleidoscope, or a sparkling holographic kaleidoscope, or a snowflake kaleidoscope. Kit includes: 1 paper cone, 1 holographic foil, 1 set chamber with removable cover, 3 safety mirrors, 4 bags of different trinkets (glow, holographic, color and clear transparent), 3 color filters, 1 eye piece cover, 1 card strip, double adhesive tapes, detailed instructions with fun facts and ideas for making different kaleidoscopes.

Age: 8+ years

Measurements:  6.5” x 8.5” x 2.5” (box size)

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