Jolly Llama Juggling Sticks- Junior

Jolly Llama

$ 24.00

Jolly Jrs beginner juggling sticks are a little bit shorter, skinnier and lighter. Also known as “Flower Sticks” they’re perfect for ages 3-9 and those who are just starting out and have smaller hands. Jolly Jrs are a high quality set of beginner juggling sticks easily able to be enjoyed by those under ten years old. The flip stick and grip sticks have a full, rubber grip covering, from tip to tip, a non-breakable, fiberglass core flip stick and birch, hardwood grip sticks. The very cool cup-and-tassel design creates decorative, slightly asymmetrical weights allowing this set to perform all tricks possible a bit more slowly. Young ones can obtain more control with the ease of manipulation Jolly Jrs provide. The weight and design is also proportionate to Jolly Lama Majestix so grown-ups love the Jolly Jrs too!

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