4 Gods


$ 50.00

  • Shape seas, forests, mountains, and plains in 4 gods, a fast-paced tile placement game for two to four players designed by Christophe Bollinger. In 4 gods, you and your opponents simultaneously create a world’s geography and religious landscape by placing tiles, incarnating prophets, and establishing legendary cities. In the process, you’ll ALIGN yourself with the God of dwarves, the goddess of elves, the God of humans, or the goddess of the merfolk. The player whose God wields the most divine influence wins!
  • A fast-paced tile placement game
  • Created by Christophe Bollinger, the designer of archipelago
  • Players collaborate to shape a world while vying to spread divine influence
  • Well-balanced scoring system rewards multiple strategies
  • Game modes include simultaneous play, timed turns, and secret gods
Included Components 1 Game board, 92 terrain tiles, 56 miniatures, 4 storage boxes, 4 god tiles, 12 tokens, 1 draw bag, 1 30-second timer, 1 rulebook

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