The Mind

The Mind

$ 15.00

The Mind card game is a nominee for the 2018 ‘Spiel Des Jahres’ award, which is equal to getting a Oscar nomination. Except there’s only three awards – the Family Game, the Children’s Game and the Complex Game. Each nomination list is only three items long. Past nominees and winners have always be worth checking out – though the hardcore game fans will debate it. The Mind is interesting, as it is not a game of strategy but a card game of thinking as a group and reading non-verbal cues. That makes it very interesting for team building.
A previous post looked at ‘Hanabi’, another game to help grow your team through co-operative play.

The Mind a card game of knowing when it’s your turn

The Mind is a co-operative game for 2-4 players (though I’ve played it with 5). The components consist of:
* a deck of 100 cards numbered 1 – 100
* 5 cards to show the number of lives left
* 12 cards to track progress through the game
* 3 cards used to record the use of a special ‘throwing stars’.

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