Geomag Black and White 68pc

Geomag Black and White 68pc


$ 45.00

Effortlessly connect magnetic rods and non-magnetic steel spheres! Simple construction indulges kids and adults alike with structural possibilities that go on to infinity!

This handsome black and white building set looks as striking on the coffee table as it does in a play room. Leave it out when you have company and watch people create shapes, geometric figures, and intriguing models of every kind. Along with those creations, you’ll see interaction, creativity, and experimentation take an impressive leap ahead!

Geomag has it all: physics, geometry, notions of chemistry, architecture, engineering. Stimulating creativity and logical reasoning, Geomag allows anyone to test their construction abilities.

Watch as your structures increase in size and complexity with the Geomag 68 piece kit. Create a UFO, a pyramid, a geometric rocket... Rise to new heights in creative potential. No matter what design your mind conceives, Geomag can help you achieve it. 

Geomag Black & White - 68 pc
  • The patented, original Swiss-made Magnetic Construction System
  • Encourages building experimentation, visual-spatial skills, open-ended play
  • Rise to new heights in creative potential and logical reasoning abilities
  • Handsome black and white magnetic construction for all ages
  • Includes: 24 white rods, 20 non-magnetic steel spheres, 12 black triangles, 10 black squares, 2 black pentagons
  • Complete instruction manual to create simple & complex structures
  • Made in Switzerland

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