Jolly Lama Knuck Chuxx

Jolly Lama Knuck Chuxx

Jolly Llama

$ 10.00

The mini juggling sticks you chuck around with your knuckles and perform all sorts of fun tricks!  No rules, no instructions, no handles.

Knuck Chuxx are a world of fun right in your hand.  Flip them, spin them, kick them and chuck them!  There are no rules and there are no mistakes.  Just use your index and middle fingers for control and you can perform all the same tricks as you can with juggling sticks plus so many more.

Knuck Chuxx are 15″ from tip to tip and are 9″ between tassels.  When you select your color you are selecting the color of the stick portion of each one and the tassels are two-color and will fit to a similar color theme unless you specify your outer and inner colors in the “Additional Comments” section in the shopping cart.  Available colors for tassels are black, purple, blue, green, teal, yellow and red.

Get chuckin’ to improve your hand-eye-coordination and dexterity with this fun, new craze!

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